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With very few exceptions, all cabinet carcases are manufactured from MFC - Melamine Faced Chipboard, which is available in hundreds of finishes and qualities.

All exposed edges should be sealed with matching or contrasting edgings. Most edging will be thin melamine or pvc but some manufacturers are introducing 2mm thick pvc edging to the fronts of carcases and shelves to provide a ‘softer’ feel.

Mulberry Fitted Kitchens offer a wide choice of board and edging colours and the materials used are of higher quality - 18mm board will be used in preference to the older 15mm standard.

Please note the German kitchens work to different standards and are provided in 16mm high density MFC.

Flat-pack carcases are generally thought to be manufactured from lower quality materials and in fact most will be made from (cheaper) 15mm thick boards. However, material quality has improved considerably over the last few years and the performance of most flat-pack cabinets will stand comparison with far more expensive units. There will be fewer colours and cabinet sizes to choose from as most flat-pack units are manufactured in bulk in a limited range.

Rigid cabinets are usually made to order and therefore you are able to choose from a much wider range of colour combinations. Obviously, you can expect to pay more for rigid cabinets because there are assembly and higher transport costs to consider, but if you are paying someone to assemble them on site then you may not notice a significant overall price difference.

Remember that although the carcases are what actually fills your kitchen, and provides all the storage, you see nothing of them until you open a door or drawer. Ends of cabinet runs are often clad with matching ‘decor panels’ and therefore carcases don’t need to fully match the colour of your doors to give an overall matching look to your finished kitchen although here at Mulberry Fitted Kitchens with a choice of 198 carcase colours a perfect match is almost definately assured on most styles of our English kitchens. German standards are different to ours and most of their manufacturers provide the carcasing with an interior colour of white, but the exterior colour will invariably match the door colour

Higher quality units will be assembled using metal-sided drawer-boxes running on roller bearings, with 18mm thick matching MFC bases and backs. Cheaper units may have plastic drawers and thinner bases. Traditionally jointed wooden drawer boxes are often specified to store cutlery and spices - these can be expensive options.

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